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Circa 298 BCE – 264 BCE
The Oxford fragment of the Parian Marble. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Example of a Greek Chronological Table
Circa 308 CE – 326 CEEusebius Introduces His Tabular Timeline System Circa 313 CE – 326 CEThe First Full Length Historical Narrative Written from the Christian Point of View 354 CE
Title page from the Chronography of 354. (View Larger)
The Earliest Dated Codex with Full-Page Illustrations
Circa 380 CEJerome's Chronicon 890
The initial page of the Peterborough Chronicle, marked secondarily by the librarian of the Laud collection in the Bodelian Library. The manuscript is an autograph of the monastic scribes of Peterborough, and the opening sections were likely scribed around 1150. The section displayed is prior to the First Continuation. (View Larger)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: The First Continuous History Written by Europeans…
Circa 1150
An illustration of a naval battle in the Madrid Skylitzes, showing Greek marine flamethrower technology. (View Larger)
The Madrid Skylitzes: the Only Surviving Illustrated Manuscript of a Greek…
1474Probably the Best-Selling 15th Century Printed Book by a Living Author. September 13, 1483Ratdolt's Edition of Eusebius's "Chronicon" Contains One of the Earliest Acknowledgments of Gutenberg's Invention June 12 – December 23, 1493The Nuremberg Chronicle 1557
Engraved portrait of Hubert Golzius by Simon Frisius c. 1610.
Hubert Goltzius Issues the First Book Extensively Illustrated with Chiaroscuro Woodcuts
1574Book Collector Matthew Parker Donates his Library Circa 1585 – 1616
Martín de Murúa Writes the "Historia general del Piru"
1611Jacques Bongars Issues the First Collection of Chronicles of the Crusades 1650 – 2012The Ussher Chronology: The World Was Created in 4004 BCE 1701 – 2012Popol Vuh, The Book of the People, Known from a Single Manuscript 1765Joseph Priestley Issues the First Biographical Timeline Chart 1769 – 1770Joseph Priestley Issues the Most Influential Historical Timeline of the Eighteenth Century 1785 – 1786William Playfair Founds Statistical Graphics, and Invents the Line Chart and Bar Chart 2002
Jeremy Norman
"Origins of Cyberspace"
2010"Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline"