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350 BCE
Polybius (View Larger)
The Hydraulic Telegraph
March 2, 1791 – 1794The Optical Telegraph: Faster than a Messenger on Horseback Circa 1800 – 1840Economic & Technological Advances Spur the Development of Newspapers in the U.S. 1816Francis Ronalds Builds the First Working Electric Telegraph 1837Origins of the Morse Code July 25, 1837 – January 1, 1845Ronalds, Cooke & Wheatstone Develop the First Commercial Electric Telegraph May 24, 1844Morse Transmits the First Message by Morse Code 1847Sending Weather Information by Telegraph 1848The Associated Press is Founded 1850 – November 13, 1851The Brett Brothers Lay the First Telegraph Cable between England and France 1854 – July 27, 1866Cyrus Field and the Three Attempts to Lay the Atlantic Cable 1855
The Hughes telegraph, the first telegraph printing text on a paper tape; this one was manufactureed by Siemens and Halske, Germany (Warsaw Muzeum Techniki).
David Edward Hughes Invents a Mechanism for Printing Telegraph Messages
April 3, 1860 – October 26, 1861The Pony Express: Operational for Just a Little More than One Year June 16, 1860The Origins of Network Neutrality Have Their Basis in Telegraph Networks October 24, 1861New York and San Francisco are Connected by Telegraph 1862Abraham Lincoln's Surveillance of Telecommunications During the American Civil War 1870British Telegraph is Nationalized 1870 – 1874Émile Baudot Invents the Baudot Code, the First Means of Digital Communication June 30, 1875The "New York Tribune" Publishes the First Significant Series of Illustrations in a Daily Newspaper March 3, 1885 – 1892AT&T is Founded 1900Most of the Civilized World is Connected by Telegraph 1909The Wheeler Gift Catalogue of the History of Electricity and Telegraphy 1945The Use of Telegraphy Peaks in the U.S. January 27, 2006Western Union Discontinues Telegram Transmissions