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October 27, 1861Johann Philipp Reis, the True Inventor of the Telephone? February – May 10, 1876Bell Invents and Patents the Telephone 1877The First Regular Telephone Line & The First Telephone Switchboard March 4, 1877Emile Berliner Invents the Microphone July 9, 1877 – March 1880Formation of the Bell Telephone Company, then the American Bell Telephone Company 1878David Hughes Invents the Loose-Contact Carbon Microphone January 1878The First Regular Telephone Exchange is Established in New Haven, Connecticut November 1878The First Telephone Directory is Published in New Haven, Connecticut April 1, 1880The First Wireless Telephone Communication March 3, 1885 – 1892AT&T is Founded 1895About 240,000 Telephones are in Use in the U.S.A. 1910George Owen Squier Invents Telephone Carrier Multiplexing January 25, 1915The First Transcontinental Telephone Call 1925The Creation of Bell Labs April 7, 1927Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover Participates in the First American Demonstration of Electromechanical Television August 17, 1951The First Telephone Call Transmitted by Microwave 1955 – September 25, 1956The First Transatlantic Telephone Cable is Operational November 1960Technical Basis for the Development of Phreaking 1961Arthur C. Clarke Publishes "Dial F for Frankenstein," an Inspiration for Tim Berners-Lee 1962Bell Labs Develops the First Digitally Multiplexed Transmission of Voice Signals July 10, 1962TELSTAR 1: The First Satellite to Relay Signals from Earth to Satellite and Back July 26, 1963The First Geosynchronous Communications Satellite is Launched November 1963Touch-Tone Dialing is Introduced November 20, 1963First Use of the Term "Hacker" in the Context of Computing 1965 – 1966Carver Mead Builds the First Schottky-Barrier Gate Field Effect Transistor April 6, 1965INTELSAT 1: The First Commercial Communications Satellite to be Placed in Geosynchronous Orbit 1967Andrew Viterbi Develops the Viterbi Algorithm 1968 – 1984Helmut Gröttrup & Jürgen Dethloff Invent the "Smart Card" 1971Phreaker Underground Telephone System Culture November 20, 1974An Antitrust Suit to Break up AT&T 1977Prototype Cellular Telephone System 1978 – June 30, 2012The Minitel 1979Making Small Portable Digital Telephones Possible May 1, 1979The Basis for Cellular Telephone Technology 1980Bell Labs Develops Digital Cellular Telephone Technology December 16, 1982The First Cellular Telephone Service in the United Sates October 13, 1983 – 1984The First Commercial Analog Cellular Telephone Service 19842600: The Hacker Quarterly January 1, 1984Breakup of AT&T 1987GSM is Developed 1991Junk Faxes are Outlawed March 27, 1991The First GSM Cellular Phone Call July 1, 19912G Cellular Telecom December 3, 1992Neil Papworth Sends the First SMS Text Message April 1993 – July 1994The First Tablet Computer with Wireless Connectivity August 16, 1994 – February 1995The IBM Simon Personal Communicator: The First Smartphone 1996The First Access to the Mobile Web June 1997WAP is Established 1999The First Full Internet Service on Cell Phones in Japan October 1, 2001
The DoCoMo logo
The First 3G Cellular Network
The codex form of a Japanese cell phone novel.
The First Cell Phone Novel
August 2003
Niklas Zenström
Skype is Founded
The cover art for From Gutenberg to the Internet: A Sourcebook on the History of Information Technology by Jeremy Norman
"From Gutenberg to the Internet"
October 2006
The Twitter logo
Twitter: "What Are You Doing?"
June 29, 2007
The iPhone 3G
Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone
2008Drama in the Context of a Telephone Exchange (1928) September 23, 2008The First Android Phone is Introduced June 1, 2009The First Magazine Cover Created as iPhone Art October 22, 2009David Hockney's iPhone Art January 13, 2010After the Earthquake in Haiti, Donating by SMS Text January 14, 2010World Texting Competition is Won by Koreans May 13, 2010Cell Phones Are Now Used More for Data than Speech August 1, 2010Data on Mobile Networks is Doubling Each Year October 29, 20103G Wireless Telephony in Mt. Everest Region of Nepal December 16, 20103D Maps for Android Mobil Devices January 2011The Smartphone Becomes the CPU of the Laptop January 12, 2011Voice-Activated Translation on Cell Phones January 22, 2011More than Ten Billion Apps are Downloaded from the Apple App Store February 2011Confession: A Roman Catholic iPhone App May 2011Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5 Billion June 30, 2011200 Million Tweets Per Day: 100 Fold Increase Since 2009 August 15, 2011 – January 2014Google Acquires Smart-Phone Maker Motorola Mobility; Sells its Hardware Division in January 2014 November 14, 2011The Swedish Twitter University Begins December 6, 2011More than 10 Billion Android Apps Downloaded March 29, 2012Nearly 50% of U.S. Mobile Subscribers Own Smartphones December 19, 2012After Cell Phones With Cameras, Android Cameras- Without Cellphones- are Introduced February 2013Making the iPhone 5 Look and Feel Like a Traditional Camera: the gizmon iCa case March 4, 2013Smartphone Interactive Reading Device Will Track Eyes to Scroll Pages December 2013Evolution of "Apple" from Primarily a Computer Manufacturer to Primarily a Phone and Tablet Company December 4, 2013Snowden Documents Show the NSA Tracking Cellphone Locations Worldwide December 5, 2013Software Turns a Smartphone into a 3D Scanner December 20, 2013eCommerce Accounts for Only About 6% of Commerce in the U.S. May 16, 2014The First Braille Cell Phone January 2015The First "Professional" Film Festival Film Shot on an iPhone