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Circa 1000
The first page of the Beowulf manuscript. (View Larger)
Beowulf: Known from a Unique Medieval Manuscript
Circa 1000
Gerbert d'Aurillac, scholar, teacher, tutor, and counsellor to Otto II and Pope Sylvester II. (View Larger)
The Mathematician Pope Reintroduces the Abacus and Armillary Sphere
Circa 1000
Folio 1 recto of Halper 211, considred to be one of the oldest surviving haggadahs. (View Larger)
The Oldest Surviving Haggadah(s)
Circa 1000
The reconstructions of three Norse buildings are the focal point of this archaeological site, the earliest known European settlement in the New World. The archaeological remains at the site were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.
The First Conclusive Proof that Norsemen Reached North America
Circa 1000The Earliest Use of Catchwords 1007 – 1072
Playing cards existed in China before 1000 AD. Such cards would have been narrow  slips of paper, essentially dominoes with dots imitating the twenty-one  combinations possible with the throw of two dice. Paper was in fact the original  material for dominoes; wood and ivory came later.
Playing Cards: One of the Earliest Forms of Block Printing
1009 – 1010
Folios 325r and 326v of MS. Marsh 144, depicting the constellation Orion. (View Larger)
The Oldest Surviving Illustrated Manuscript Written in Arabic
Circa 1010
Cover page E, folio 474a, of the Leningrad Codex. (View Larger)
The Earliest Extant Complete Text of the Bible in Hebrew
1011 – 1021
A portrait of Ibn al_Haytham, once printed on the obverse side of an Iraqi 10-dinar bill.
Foundation of Experimental Physics, Optics, and the Science of Vision
1012 – 1021
A Qatarian postage stamp portraying Ibn al-Haitham. (View Larger)  <p>Persian scientist Abu Ali Al-Hasan <a href=
Construction of the First Camera Obscura
March 15, 1015The Scribe Sujātabhadra Writes Aṣṭasahāsrikā Prajñāparamitā on 222 Palm-Leaf Folios Circa 1020
The front of the book-shaped reliquary. (View Larger)
Book-Shaped Reliquary from the Circle of the Master of the Registrum Gregorii
Circa 1025Production of Medieval Arabic Manuscripts Circa 1025
One of the oldest Scottish books remaining in Scotland: a psalter nearly 1,000 years old. (View Larger
The Oldest Scottish Book Remaining in Scotland
Circa 1025Medieval Islamic Views of the Cosmos: The Book of Curiosities 1031Perhaps the Earliest Recycling of Paper Circa 1040 – 1050
Page from Papias' Elementarium listing words beginning with
The First Truly Recognizable Dictionary
January 14, 1040
Page from Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. graec. 281showing Latin writing referencing the text as being Greek musical theory. Please click on image to see full page.
The Earliest Codex Preserving Ancient Greek Music Theory
Circa 1041 – 1048
A Chinese statue of Pi Sheng. (View Larger)
The Invention of Movable Type in China
Circa 1050 – 1150
Page 74 of the Dresden Codex, depicting a great flood, flowing from the mouth of a celestial dragon. This represents the Central American notion of apocolypse. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Book Written in the Americas
Circa 1050"About 100,000 handwritten Hebrew codices and their remains have survived...." 1052The Earliest Surviving Document on Paper from the Byzantine Empire 1056 – 1057The Ostomir Gospels, the Second Earliest East Slavonic Book 1057 – 1087
Pope Victor II.
The Latest Certain Dates for the Use of Papyrus
1066 – 1307More than One Million Charters Survive from the Period of Norman Rule in England September 28 – October 14, 1066
William the Conqueror, seated center, flanked by Odo, Archbishop of Canterbury, left, and Rotbert, right.  <p>William of Normandy, less well known as William the Bastard, and better known as <a href=
The Norman Conquest
1068Destruction of the 200,000 Volume Palace Library at Cairo August 26, 1071
A miniature from a 15th century French translation of Boccaccio's De Casibus Virorum Illustrium, showing Alp Arslan, second sultan of the Seljuk dynasty, humiliating Emperor Romanos IV. (View Larger)
Defeat of the Byzantine Empire by Turks
Circa 1075 – 1098
Folio 1r of the manuscript of Liber Pantegni preserved in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Manuscript of the Earliest Western Medical Treatise
Circa 1075 – 1225The VIDI Project: "Manuscript Innovation in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance" 1077
A scene from the Bayeux tapestry, showing Odo, Archbishop of Canterbury, on horseback. (View Larger)
The Norman Conquest Recorded on the Bayeux Tapestry
December 1085 – August 1086
The Domesday Book. (View Larger) /></p></a>  <p>William I of England, better known as <a href=
The Domesday Book, Recording the First English Census
A bust of Shen Kua. (View Larger)
Earliest Description of the Compass
The seal of the University of Bologna. (View Larger)
Foundation of the University of Bologna
Circa 1090 – 1125
A T-O design from Lambert's Liber Floridus. (View Larger)
A Medieval Encyclopedia, of which the Autograph Manuscript Survived
November 30, 1094The Earliest Surviving Manuscript of Razi's "The Comprehensive Book on Medicine" (Kitab al-Hawi fi al-tibb) March – November 1095
Henri Gourgouillon's vision of Pope Urban II, located at le Place de la Victoire in Clermont-Ferrand, France. (View Larger)
Origins of the First Crusade
Oxford University's coat of arms. (View Larger)
Origins of the University of Oxford
Circa 1100 – 1151
Xativa, Spain, highlighted in blue. (View Larger)
Papermaking Reaches the Moorish Parts of Spain
1100 – 1120
Folio 1 of Codex 2527, preserved at the Austrian National Library. (View Larger)
Medieval Handbook of Applied Arts Including Book Production