VocalTec Releases "Internet Phone," the First Internet VoIP Application

In February 1995 Alon Cohen and Lior Harmaty, the two co-founders of VocalTec  released "Internet Phone," the first VoIP software. Many people called the product iPhone.

"At the base of the Internet Phone was the invention of Alon Cohen and Lior Haramaty named the "Audio Transceiver", which managed the dynamic jitter buffer that was critical for achieving adaptive lower possible audio latency along with handling packet loss, packet re-ordering, and receiver transmitter sample rate adjustments. The first implementation of the "Audio Transceiver" was carried out by Elad Sion" (Wikipedia article VocalTec, accessed 9-2020).

Also, beginning in 1995, IntelMicrosoft and Radvision initiated standardization activities for the VoIP communications system.


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