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Feigenbaum & Feldman Issue "Computers and Thought," the First Anthology on Artificial Intelligence


In 1963 computer scientist and artificial intelligence researchers at the University of California at Berkeley Edward A. Feigenbaum and Julian Feldman issued Computers and Thought, the first anthology on artificial intelligence. At the time there were almost no published books on AI and no textbook; the anthology became a kind of de facto textbook by default. It was translated into Russian, Japanese, Polish and Spanish.

An unusual feature of the anthology was its reprinting of "A Selected Descriptor-Indexed Bibliography to the Literature on Artificial Intelligence" (1961) prepared by Marvin Minsky as a companion to his survey on the literature of the field entitled "Steps toward Artificial Intelligence," which was also republished in the anthology. In the bibliography of Minsky's selected publications that was available on his website in December 2013 Minsky indicated that this "may have been the first keyword-descriptor indexed bibliography."                                                                                                                         Authors represented in the anthology included Paul Armer, Carol Chomsky, Geoffrey P. E. Clarkson, Edward A. Feigenbaum. Julian Feldman, H. Gelernter, Bert F. Green, Jr., John T. Gullahorn, Jeanne E. Gullahorn, J. R. Hansen, Carl I. Hovland, Earl B. Hunt. Kenneth Laughery. Robert K. Lindsay. D. W. Loveland. Marvin Minsky. Ulric Neisser. Allen Newell. A. L. Samuel. Oliver G. Selfridge. J. C. Shaw, Herbert A. Simon, James R. Slagle, Fred M. Tonge, A. M. Turing, Leonard Uhr, Charles Vossler, and Alice K. Wolf. 

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