Elaborately inlaid leather pastedown endpapers in this copy of the Livre de Prieres
Creative Commons LicenseJeremy Norman Collection of Images - Creative Commons

Elaborate inlaid leather front pastedown "endpaper" and Jacquard woven silk free "endpaper" in the plain morocco binding on my copy of the Livre de prières. The exterior of the binding is highly polished but completely undecorated crushed brown morocco. In contrast to the very plain covers, both the front and rear pastedowns have these elaborately inlaid designs, more like what you would expect on the exterior of the covers than on the pastedown endpapers. It may be worth noting that the style of binding of my copy differs from each of the five described and illustrated by Matthew Westerby, confirming that this copy was customized for its original purchaser. Each of the elaborate leather pastedown "endpapers" is signed in the smallest possible type at in the lower center margin. The front is signed Haupmann-Petit; the rear is signed Maillard, indicating that two different binders were involved.

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